Perfect for skill farming while doing PI

  • Adv Planetology: 4
  • Interplanetary Consolidation: 4
  • Remote Sensing: 4
  • Command Center: 5
  • Paleontology: 5
  • Cybernetics: 4
  • Can fly Gallente Industrials

Wallet Balance: 720 ISK
Kill RIghts: None
Jump Clones: none
Character Location: Jita 4-4
Currently Mapped Mem/Perception (Drone skill farming)

Starting at 3.8 bil
B/o 5 bil

Updated title, and reduced price

Do you have any remap available? If yes my bid is 4bil !

I do!

Also I accept the 4 bil… first character sale so not sure how this goes… Do you send Caldari Alfa the ISK and then I take the ISK off him and transfer the character to an account that you evemail me?

Yes, every communication we need to make through your toon that will be sold ( Caldari Alfa ). I will send the ISK directly to him and an EVE Email with the account name where you will transfer the toon!

Money sent to Caldari Alfa ( 4 bil ) as we agreed and also I’ve sent you an email with my account name!

Thanks! Transfer intiated.

No one should bother you on the new account as this was just a skill farm/pi alt. Thank you for your purchase!

Everything fine thanks for the fast and smooth deal

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