CLOSED - Price Check - 44m SP - PVE Caldari


I’ve been away from the game for a while and thinking of selling this surplus pve toon to finance play time for a while. I’ve dropped roles and will get her into NPC and repost a sale thread if it looks to be worthwhile. She was used a while for Incursions and then nullsec plex-running in a Tengu. Positive isk, sec, no kill rights etc. etc.
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Thanks for any help…

id offer 32b for a q/s

33 billion.


34.5 billion.

Perp I may hate you :smiley:

You are the one stealing my pilot :wink:


36.1 billion

36.2 billion

36.3 bill

36.4 bill

36.5 bill

37 billion

37.1 bill

37.2 billion

37.3 bill

37.5 billion

37.6 bill

37.8 billion