WTA - 44m SP - PVE Caldari

(Iraega) #1


Further to the Price Check thread here

I’ve been away from the game for a while and selling this surplus pve toon to finance play time for a while. She’s now in an NPC ready to sell, all standard rules apply, I pay for transfer, she’s situated in highsec with positive sec and isk balance, no kill rights etc. etc.

I used this toon for some Incursions and then nullsec plex-running in a Tengu but an EveBoard picture paints a thousand words… EveBoard - Iraega

Looking for 40 Bil buyout or will let the sale run for 72 hours.

CLOSED - Price Check - 44m SP - PVE Caldari
(Jethro Kerensky) #2

PM sent, might be interested

(Carter Leesh) #3

34 billion

(Dr Anoikis) #4

34.5 billion

(Muraba) #5

34.6 billion

(Pistar Umano) #6


(Iraega) #7


(Zotreg) #8

36 bil

(Iraega) #9

B/O reduced to 38 bil, sale will conclude on Wednesday.

(Iraega) #10

Final daily bump - toon is going to go tonight, any last-minute offers?

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