WTS Vanquisher hull rig in MJ SOLD CLOSED

PH capital, shoot me offer here or in game.

fair offer = deal, I know current komodo deal price is 635b and Vanquisher is usually a bit more expensive than other 2 races so stop low ball, and build price is over 1t. https://evecookbook.com/

A bit negotiation is fine and I am happy to see any reasonable offers



Current in game offer is 625 by the way, pretty satisfied

Just curious, at that build price, is it not better to reprocess and sell the materials for more than 635b?

Reprocessing it into capital components seems to yield around 586b of components at jita sell. Reprocess that into minerals and you’re down to 214b.

Hmm I thought reprocessing was at least 85% worth, well thanks for the numbers anyways, enjoy the free bumps!

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