WTS Vanquisher

Dear Fellow Space Travelers,

I’m looking at selling my Vanquisher.
Currently in Forge lowsec. Will include fuel, T2 tri’s, Concord Rails (6), Concord Steel plates (2), T2 neutrons (6), T2 ion siege (6), 4 DDs, clone vat, Portal, MWD, 60k ammo and whatever else I dont get out of it.


Optional other:
cormacks tracking
serpentis tracking
Cormacks sebo x2
Cormacks passive set
Cormacks active set
seteles DC
Cormacks EANM x 2

250b offer for the vanquisher hull.

Thanks for the bump.


up for sale.

This weekend only! 20b Labor Day discount sale!

lets make a deal!

offers offers everywhere but not a sale in sight! Lets get this thing sold!

Minerals arent getting any cheaper! Lets make a deal!

buy my crap

I appreciate the offer. At least 353 mineral cost as of this morning, ill hold out for something more in line with build costs.

yawn! to the top once more.