WTS Vanquisher

Dear Fellow Space Travelers,

I’m looking at selling my Vanquisher. Located in a lowsec structure.

6 x T2 Ion Siege Blasters
1 each Lance/Doomsday/Bosonic
Clone Vat
T2 Trimarks
Improved Guise Cloak
7 DB Cap Pwr Relays
2 T2 Cap capacitor boosters with Navy 3200s
T2 Heavy Scram
60k in T2/Faction ammo
430k Isotopes

Considering offers at 400 and up.

250b offer for the vanquisher hull.

Thanks for the bump.


up for sale.

This weekend only! 20b Labor Day discount sale!

lets make a deal!

offers offers everywhere but not a sale in sight! Lets get this thing sold!

Minerals arent getting any cheaper! Lets make a deal!

buy my crap

I appreciate the offer. At least 353 mineral cost as of this morning, ill hold out for something more in line with build costs.

yawn! to the top once more.

Yep, still here.

offering victor to trade 1 for 1

appreciate it, but if i take trades it will be a mostly cash deal.

Get it while its still under 500! :rofl:

Hit me up in game or here if you have interest.

dkljafiejlahsihfelkaidhfialehfakskdjfasjdf, yep, still for sale.

yep, still here for sale. entertaining bids over 400b.

get it while i got it.