WTS Vanquisher - Price reduced - Again - And Again


Public LS keep.
rigged, fueled, gunned (ions), and travel fit with lots of ammo. 3 DDs, Portal, and clone vat included.

Willing to discuss trade plus cash for the following:

500b offer

600 b

Offers noted. Thanks to you both. Im willing to be flexible but 600 is still fairly low.

I would be remiss to not remind everyone that this is still for sale. Also just posted a bunch of Cormacks mods if you want to bling it out. I’ll offer a bulk deal perhaps.

still for sale!

up to the top!

yep, still available.

at 850bil you don’t have to remind us its still available :smiley:

No poors, pls.

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Under build cost last i checked. Any good seller starts at a wishful thinking point and negotiates. Im flexible… just not 600b flexible.

yes, indeed, this item is for sale and you should make an offer.

Price reduced, gimme a shout.

up for sale!

still for sale!

YAS, Still FOAR sale!

sure, its still available.

still 4 sssssalleeee

buy me.

up to the top to indicate that this fine piece of engineering is still available for purchase.