WTS Vanquisher

Reasonable offers welcome.

Located in lowsec keep, its rigged and fueled and comes with a few modules, but consider them thrown in.

In game mail tends to work best, I dont keep up around here very well.

Price range you’re looking for?

Last I checked Build cost was 1.3T…

Good luck getting that for a Vanquisher. 400Bil - 700Bil Maybe.

thank you sir, its collected dust for 5 years, another 5 wont kill me.


bump. Looking for something close to a trillion isk, would accept a titan or two plus cash.

Sent In Game mail

1T obo, willing to consider trades involving erebus, rag, avatar, nyx, aeon, T2 BPOs, and Isk.


Will trade you 1 Erebus with 2 fits + 100bil

Sorry, thats a bit low. Needs to be closer to 1T in value.

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