WTS Vanquisher

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WTS Vanquisher

comes with 3 t2 trimarks and 50k fuel

located in low sec citadel

conntackt me ingame for offers

Starting bid 350Bill

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287.330.033.600 mineral


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It’s atleast 305b mineral, considering the cost of 7680 microprocessors. You can buy 3k~ for a reasonable price, but then paying double or triple to get the required amount. If you’re a god you can maybe build it for 330-335b, so 350 is completely reasonable. Good luck with the sale.

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thank you good sir


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Those cheap Vanquisher were built from ME10 bpc. Now all the bpc are ME0. Assume the Index is 3%, the build cost is 8b. 350b is a reasonable start bid. The mineral cost is 240b around in Delve, but Vanquisher is still 320b if you build yourself in Goonswarm. Assume at least 10% profit, 350b is acceptable for me at least.

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