WTS Vanquisher

WTS Vanquisher Hull with 3 T2 Trimarks, 100k Fuel and small t2/Travelfit

300B, will take offers/Mails too

Located in/around Kalevala.

bump upp

bumping upp

and another one.

Can deliver it to “around” Maila if wanted :wink:

bump of the daayyee

well next bumpppy

blunt bump

280b i buy

Amrastion Tasartir you got a mail :wink:

New Bumperino

Bumpedity Bumpedity boo

really guys, 280b is not cheap enough for someone ?

This ship serves no purpose anymore since it will most likely die due to a client crash or socket closure

Probably, but its still a Nice Space Penis ^^

well looks like nooone wants this beautyful space penis ?

another bump because why not. I guess ill go below 280 im bored and want to get rid of it ^^ make a offer i cannot deny :wink:



ill give you 250

guess we need a new bbuumperino