WTS Various (in Jita)

WTS various things, all in Jita - Message me here if interested and Ill contact you in game with my main character.

Amarr Advanced Components - Max Researched - 125m ISK

Antimatter Reactor Unit Blueprint
EM Pulse Generator Blueprint
Fusion Thruster Blueprint
Laser Focusing Crystals Blueprint
Linear Shield Emitter Blueprint
Nanoelectrical Microprocessor Blueprint
Radar Sensor Cluster Blueprint
Tesseract Capacitor Unit Blueprint
Tungsten Carbide Armor Plate Blueprint

Caldari Advanced Components - Max Researched - 125m ISK

Gravimetric Sensor Cluster Blueprint
Graviton Pulse Generator Blueprint
Graviton Reactor Unit Blueprint
Magpulse Thruster Blueprint
Quantum Microprocessor Blueprint
Scalar Capacitor Unit Blueprint
Superconductor Rails Blueprint
Sustained Shield Emitter Blueprint
Titanium Diborite Armor Plate Blueprint

Gallente Advanced Components - Max Researched - 125m ISK

Crystalline Carbonide Armor Plate Blueprint
Fusion Reactor Unit Blueprint
Ion Thruster Blueprint
Magnetometric Sensor Cluster Blueprint
Oscillator Capacitor Unit Blueprint
Particle Accelerator Unit Blueprint
Photon Microprocessor Blueprint
Plasma Pulse Generator Blueprint
Pulse Shield Emitter Blueprint

Minmatar Advanced Components - Max Researched - 125m ISK

Deflection Shield Emitter Blueprint
Electrolytic Capacitor Unit Blueprint
Fernite Carbide Composite Armor Plate Blueprint
Ladar Sensor Cluster Blueprint
Nanomechanical Microprocessor Blueprint
Nuclear Pulse Generator Blueprint
Nuclear Reactor Unit Blueprint
Plasma Thruster Blueprint
Thermonuclear Trigger Unit Blueprint

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