WTS Cap BPO's and Components New & Old

PM me for offers, will take reasonable offers on multiple purchases.

Location: Jita 4-4

New BPO’s

Gravimetric-FTL Interlink Communicator Blueprint 10/18 2.8B
Ladar-FTL Interlink Communicator Blueprint 10/18 2.8B
Magnetometric-FTL Interlink Communicator Blueprint 10/18 2.8B
Radar-FTL Interlink Communicator Blueprint 10/18 2.8B
Capital Core Temperature Regulator Blueprint 10/18 2.8B
Neurolink Protection Cell Blueprint 10/18 2.9B
Enhanced Neurolink Protection Cell Blueprint 2.5B 0/0
Core Temperature Regulator Blueprint x2 2B 10/20
Genetic Lock Preserver Blueprint 2.8B 10/18
Genetic Mutation Inhibiter Blueprint 2.8B 10/18
Genetic Safeguard Filter Blueprint 4.2B 9/16
Genetic Structure Repairer Blueprint 2.8B 10/18
Neurolink Enhancer Reservoir Blueprint 2.8B 10/18
Programmable Purification Membrane Blueprint 1B 10/20
Auto-Integrity Preservation Seal Blueprint 200m 10/20
Life Support Backup Unit Blueprint 200M 10/20

10/20 100M Each
R-O Trigger Neurolink Conduit Blueprint
S-R Trigger Neurolink Conduit Blueprint
G-O Trigger Neurolink Conduit Blueprint
U-C Trigger Neurolink Conduit Blueprint

Old Cap Components (all 10/20) (prices are per item)

Capital Corporate Hangar Bay Blueprint x3 1.65B
Capital Doomsday Weapon Mount Blueprint 2.3B
Capital Drone Bay Blueprint x2 900M
Capital Armor Plates Blueprint x2 1.3B
Capital Capacitor Battery Blueprint x2 1.45B
Capital Clone Vat Bay Blueprint 1.65B
Capital Computer System Blueprint x2 1.65B
Capital Construction Parts Blueprint x2 1.3B
Capital Jump Drive Blueprint x3 3.65B
Capital Power Generator Blueprint x2 1.85B
Capital Propulsion Engine Blueprint x2 1.1B
Capital Sensor Cluster Blueprint x2 1.65B
Capital Shield Emitter Blueprint x2 1.85B
Capital Ship Maintenance Bay Blueprint x2 1.55B
Capital Siege Array Blueprint x2 2B
Capital Turret Hardpoint Blueprint 1.9B

Cap Hull BPO’s (more to come once out of research)

Rorqual Blueprint 8/14 5B
Naglfar Blueprint 9/18 3.9B
Phoenix Blueprint 9/18 3.9B
Apostle Blueprint 9/18 3B
Obelisk Blueprint 9/16 3.5B
Orca x2 9/18 2.4B

Misc High value BPOS

Megathron Blueprint 10/20 1.8B
Covetor Blueprint 10/20 2.5B
Procurer Blueprint 10/20 1.9B

location ?

Sorry about that, Jita 4-4




contract the covetor to me :slight_smile:

Please contract these to kiloalpha

I would take 1x Capital Drone Bay Blueprint

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