WTS various indy goods (reactions, goo, minerals, BPOs, BPFs) in Amamake

Appraisal Kv7qHN @ Jita 4-4 split: 16,762,271,509.75 ISK | Janice - Jita
Appraisal ncirtb @ Jita 4-4 split: 20,963,073,757.48 ISK | Janice - Amamake
Appraisal MSfKnM @ Jita 4-4 split: 2,974,527,800.00 ISK | Janice - Amamake
Appraisal Lfd74f @ Jita 4-4 split: 41,217,336,250.00 ISK | Janice - Amamake
Appraisal DTtIxP @ Jita 4-4 split: 1,087,972,000.00 ISK | Janice - Amamake
Appraisal YFbJ1Q @ Jita 4-4 split: 10,492,888,012.50 ISK | Janice - Amamake

Also available, a large selection of BPOs currently in amamake. Highlights include all 5 freighters at ME10 and all 4 dreads at ME10.

Bump, prices added to BPOs

Bump, revelation BPO and several capital component BPOs sold, hundreds more remaining. Also, the various materials can be moved to highsec if you prefet

bump, more stuff sold, sheet updated

bump, added more stuff

interested in all the freighter BPOs. price?

I’d take 47 for all 5.

yikes, Pass



Bump, a lot of moon mats sold

Bumping to the top

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