WTS vehement in low sec

Wts vehement hull no riggs nor fit in low sec reply here for offers



Let’s try 36

lets go with 37b

37,5 why not

Do i hear 38b? sure do from me!

39b offer

40b offer

i will wait until saturday morning, after that the BO gets it! TheUndyingWarrior your it so far!

still for sell

still want to buy :slight_smile:

40,5 last offer

24hr until contract unless beaten by higher offer

screw it 41b offer

41.5 bil


if beaten pls @ me cuz i may up depending idk

@Zane_en_Grantinus current highest will give a final 24hr. if like zane you wish to be @ if you are beaten let me know

offer withdrawn. found one :nerd_face: