WTS Vehement

WTS Vehement in lowsec npc station

120 bil

40 bil b/o

thanks, but I will wait for better offers

bump bump

waiting for more offers

40 bil b/o still stands

40b is a fair offer tbh, ill increase a bit. 41b but offer only stands for a lil bit :).

i also have a vehement for sell in low sec current offer is at 45b o7

take it LOL

offer retracted still for sell at 40b current offer still havent heard from the buyer still possible to out bid it

@Baba_s_Gandurasa my offer was never retracted, you never reached out to me… You decided to create a whole new thread instead… Since your a lying sack ill buy for 38b take it or leave it.

i was not talking about your offer but if you wanna be a rude boy in public be my guess.

Baba s Gandurasa


i will wait until saturday morning, after that the BO gets it! TheUndyingWarrior your it so far!

Then you put in here:

Ya, ya, ya, sure likely story bud

mail sent in game

35b offer , if acepted just contract to kiloalpha I’ll acept in EU tz

500m over kiloalphas offer until he makes no profit on the ship ty pm me before him anytime

Is this still for sale?

I didn’t think scammers were aloud to scam on this forum ? :slight_smile:

They are.

im staight up offering +500m over ur scammy offers . please get back to ur dead corp

stop replying to urself uve done it on the reddit ad as well , stop humiliating urself, this is pretty sad at this point