WTS Vendetta 90B in Aunenen KS

(Logistics) #1


  • Vendetta
  • 180k Isotopes


  • Aunenen Keepstar


  • 90Bil
  • Possibly open to trading for a Hel + ISK.

(KiloAlpha) #2

How about a Hel and 30 b??

(Logistics) #3

Officer fit Hel + 30 Bil for vendetta? Maybe, send me the fit. Otherwise, no thank you.

(KiloAlpha) #4

I’ll send u the fit tomorrow as im in bed atm , but its worth about 22 bn

You up for any negotiation on the price??

(Logistics) #5

No, I’m not giving a Vendetta away for 50 Bil. Thanks for the offer.

(KiloAlpha) #6

How about 70 ??

(Logistics) #7

Thank you for your offer, but I’m afraid I am going to have to decline.

(It'sA Me Luigi) #8

vendetta 80 bil offer

(Keepstar1) #9

90bil if it is still available.

(Debbie Downbuzz) #10

Is this still for sale?

(system) #11

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