WTS Virtuoso AT Ship



Winter Storm Bumpp

Daily baby it’s cold outside


RIP Tiger Woods legs

Upp topp

Up to the top, had an in-game offer of 185b but never got response back so assuming that’s dead

Also my bad don’t check in game much, discord or here is better


Still for salee

Bump make an offer


Just up again

180b hull. if you agree, please put a contract for 1-3 days on my corporation : Dalekap Jeda Hanaya Corporation

Contracts up for Hull only and Torp launchers only to the 2 people

sorry i’ve been away

Bump, torp launchers sold

Hull for sale @ 182.5B still available

Bump buyer got a different Virt

Still available at 182.5b Hull
Fit can be sold separate


Upp to ze top

I think the price could be lower