WTS Virtuoso AT Ship


2 Virts have sold recently between 180-185b and 2 Virts were hypernetted at over 250b in the last 4 months

Also please use Discord and stop mailing me as I’ve missed both sales because I don’t login to eve



Uppppp too da moon

Diamonndddd :raised_hand:

Upp Upp and AWAYYYYY

Monday Mondayyy


Ccp.making it have the ability of nullified

Nullification modules will be available for the following ship classes:

  • Interceptors
  • Blockade Runners
  • Covert Ops Frigates
  • Deep Space Transports
  • Luxury Yachts
  • Strategic Cruisers
  • Tech I and Faction Frigates
  • Stealth Bombers

Bump get your OP bomber that can soon be nullified --RIP CCP ruining dreams

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Upp today again


Upppppp to zee topp


Boommm to top maybe


Bump …

Still selling

Another day

Up still selling – 7 years away from a new one being introduced