WTS WH C2 with rorqual


- HS - large
- C1 - Medium

8 planets
- Barren x 2
- Gaz x 3
- Storm
- Oceanic
- Lava

22 Moons

1 x Athanor
- drill
- Reprocessing
- T1 Rigs
1 x Large Minmatar Pos
- XL Ship Maintenance array
- Capital ship assembly array
- Component assembly array
- Tourets

1 x Rorqual
- With Fit if needed

1 x Moros
- With fit if needed

Make Offer

J-Code? Does it come with POCOs?

J233555 Actualy 1 Poco ( no time to finalize the Job )

Can I ask is rorqual mining worth it in a c2

When collapsing proprely it’s relatively safe to make money with it. My plan was to anchor more athanor to have a belt every day.
With easy logistic with HS static

would offer 7,5b isk for everything

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