WTS Wormhole C2 with HS/C3 Static Fort/Azbel/Athanor

2023-05-02 17_02_11-Window
No system effects.

Fortizar fuelled

Athanor and Azbel unanchored.

17b . Message in game Andy Shearer

Fortizar is fully staffed and red carpet awaits new owner. Bump

WH is still available

Please feel free to mail me in game with an offer

All structures are fitted and fuelled

Want to make an offer? message me in game :slight_smile:

offer is still available

Azbel and Athanor have been unanchored, Fortizar remains fueled. 17b

Fortizar refuelled and ready to host your new wormhole adventure. 15B buys it

Wormhole riches await you! Get started right away on your new adventure. Save hassle and move into an already anchored Fortizar!

13B final reduction before the fort is unanchored

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