WTS wormhole with Fort / caps

As title we would like to sell our old C3 wormhole that we do not use anymore

Its a C3 hole no effect with a LS static with a fortizar and a few other structures , we also have 2 fitted HAW Phoenixs ready and waiting to be used in the fort . but because of game mechanics they can never leave sadly !

What you would get

  • 1 x Fitted fortizar with guns mods / clone bay / cap building aray / refinary

  • 2 x rataru - 1 x astrahaus

  • 2 x fitted HAW Dreads with ammo / stront

  • Sub capital defense fleet

  • 2 x Athanors on good spod moons

Plus lots of other stuff like lotsa minerals to build more caps should u wish
This hole has served us well and we know the next group will love it here

Our price is 22Bill OBO (or best offer ) ( will use a well known trusted 3rd party )

Please contact me via discord @Dr Moriarty#860 for the fastest responce or ingame mail

price lowered to 18bill

bumpage to topage

I am also selling one, with dozens of citadels of all kinds, all types of modules, whatever you need.

Also available selling about 30 super caps, 11 titans and 19 super carriers inside the wormhole.

Please let us know what you want to buy from us with the purchase of the wormhole and we will help you move your stuff into your newly secured wormhole immediately after payment.


you cannot get titans inside wormholes mate ??

yeah I was making a joke at the scam that is selling wormholes.

You know, when you convince someone to give you money for something you cannot physically give to them.

All wormhole sales are a scam just sometimes people will choose not to destroy everything after they move in for their own reasons. Like whether or not to destroy they’re stuff after they move in and you demand further payment not to destroy all their stuff and then you got to decide if your really going to do it or not.

This is the carebear version of generating content in wormholes.


The actual carebear version of doing this is when you find the wormhole and you know it isn’t yours but you can prove it exists so you can sell it to people anyways.

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