WTS Wormhole: C3 Red Giant w/U210(LS) Static


Both have a high number of moons for mining and both are fairly quiet given their statics.
All POCOs in Both holes are owned by transferring corp, each comes with 1 citadel.

Asking 3 bil OBO for each.
Will consider offers of 2 Bil or higher for each
Will close on highest bid within 8 Days
Will transfer structures upon receipt of ISK, then evac remaining scanners once entry is confirmed.

C3- Red Giant Effect, Low Sec U210 Static

  • Decent PI, Very Good Moon mining
  • Planets- 3x Barren, 3 x Gas, 1 Lava, 1 Ocean
  • Over 50 Moons, Varying Ores and R4s, can send copy of scans once purchased
  • Comes with 1 Athanor, fully fitted, and all POCOs

These are excess, owned, and secured holes, we are simply helping friends consolidate and downsize, this is not a firesale for lowball offers.

After inquiry, C2 is no longer available, C3 has inquiries made but no sale yet

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