WTS Wormhole C4 - C3/C5 Pulsar


We are a corp that is currently disbanding and we got nothing to do with our hole. It has a raitaru and an athanor anchored in it and in order to avoid the hustle of unanchoring and getting them out, we simply wanna sell it. The advantages of our hole are:

  • Very easy access to subcapital PVE in either the C3 or the C5;
    Dualboxing rattlesnakes in the C5 can easily make you 300 mill/hr
  • Access to the best gas in the game through the C5;
    A T2 fit pospect can mine 100 mill worth of gas in an hour
  • Constant connection to k-space;
    The C3 can always provide a way out to k-space and be rolled for a comfortable supply path

Price is negotiable, but expect evepraisal for the structures + 1 bill for the hole
Should you be interested, evemail me (Fryon Aivo)

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