WTS Wormhole


Looking the sell the following WH, prices are negociable

DM in games are probably the best way to reach out for me, but I do check the forums 3-4 times a day!


C5 - C6 No Effects, Empty, 1b
5-6 CV, Comes with fitted astra, 3b

Tooken over

C2 C4/HS RG, Empty, 750m – AMAZING PI HOLE
C5 - C5 CV, Empty, 1b

Fly safe o7

T O T H E T O P !

Ze Bump

bump, price are negociable!

vanilla sold, still have the CV for sale

Interested will contact you tonight

both c5 have been sold, will update if I ever have more for sale!

to the top, 2 new holes for sale!


might have my hands on a 5-2 RG soontm


to the top

eutz bump

to the top



to the top


C2 still available?

should be, will do a check tonight to be sure its still empty!

hey unfortunatly it got taken