WTS: WTS 51m SP Paladin and Revelation

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Capital Ships LV5
Amarr Dreadnought LV4
Capital Energy Turret LV5
Gunnery LV5
Gallente Cruiser LV5
Minmatar Cruiser LV5
Amarr Cruiser LV5
Amarr Battleship LV5
Advanced Spaceship Command LV5
Heavy Drone Operation LV5
Advanced Weapon Upgrades LV5
Unallocated SP 1,486,219 Skillpoints

Omega game time is up to October 8, 2023

Located will in Jita 4-4
Positive wallet balance
In NPC corp
No kill right
No jump clone

Starting at 40b
B/O 50b

29 bil

Omega is bound to the account not the character and you need to be in an NPC corp.

40bil isk ready.

Has their status been checked to see if they are in an npc corp in game?

It was my fault before. Now I have transferred them to the NPC Corps .

If there is no higher bid, I will pass the transaction after 24 hours .

I am willing to pay 41bil


44 bil

If there is no higher bid, I will pass the transaction after 24 hours .

Which account do I want to send the isk and account information to

You send isk to the char being sold, as well as an evemail with your account info

isk and account information have been sent

accept in game offer.
close here.

Sorry, when I tried to pay US dollars for role transfer, I didn’t know why I was forced to pay additional taxes.

Please wait a moment.

I am contacting customer service, and I will try my best to start role transfer within 24 hours.


Please be calm. I’m trying to make the role transfer work normally

Have you solved this problem

Please be patient. I am waiting for the reply from the CCP

The problem has been solved and the Character transfer has started