WTS/WTT Capital Jump Bridge Array Blueprint 10/20 2.9b

yes you heard that right,. 2.9b thats 250m under NPC market value for a FULLY researched bpo. Im looking for a quick sale because I came by this print by mistake while buying a bulk pack, i needed the other Jump drive BPO.

So ill either sell it for 2.9b
I can trade if someone wants to do that.

If going the trading route, im looking for the Normal “Capital Jump Drive” 10/20 BPO and 1.2b isk.
so if you have that print laying around and want to do this, and potentially make alittle more money off this exchange going the trade route, then im game for that as well, sense thats what id be buying anyway XD.

The BPO is Located in Jita 4-4 ofc.

DM me ingame if interested, 1st come 1st serve.
PS: im looking for a quick/serious trade or sale only. you get 24 hours to accept the contract, if you fail to do so then it goes back on the market or is contracted to the next person who showed interest.

Thank you.

Contract to me please.

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