WTS Wyvern 3x T2 Shield extender Rigs

rigged with 3x Capital Shield Extender T2

located in

Maila - Care 4 Kids “Super” Market (Freeport Keepstar)

now 16b

bump up the jam

bump it up again and again

I’d buy it if it was in aunenen.

i’m sorry i wont move it without fit

ill just offer 15b. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s noted thanks for that :kissing_heart:

Still pushing…

Bump up


Bump up

I’m looking for 16b, anyone?

Bump bump

I would if they were large rigs =3

Gimme a sec, gotta open Paint :stuck_out_tongue:

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Still sitting there, and fresh out of the spaceship wash

Bump it

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