Wts your new main, 240m sp

located in Jita
wallet balance positive
member of npc corp
no kill rights
5.0 Security Status

Unallocated SP 1,985,643 Skillpoints

Current implants are a set of High-grade Asklepian
Got a few mid grade jump clones in Perimeter.
Fun character that can do alot of stuff!


Feel free to poke Dodgy Bob ingame if you have questions.



id be interested, but i would like to know what the grayed out skills with lines means on your character sheet

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I’m not sure what it means.
It might have to do with Omega status?

Omega activated

Bump and the skillsheet is fixed.
Now everything show as it should



Perfect for new UI’s!

Get your new guy ready for the weekend!


Ill bid 220. it IS a nice char.

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Offer accepted.

Send isk and account info to Stranac and I will start transfer.

Isk and account info received. Starting transfer.

Character transfer started. Have a nice weekend.

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