Miner refiner for sale

starting bid 18b
positive wallet
no kill rights
located in high sec
i will pay the transfer fee

16b sir

solid bid of 16b if nothing else comes in within the next 24 hrs its yours

Woha! 26 million Skill Points in 2 years. That is obvious skill injecting.

Arsx is winner of this character i await isks and account information

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Yep will send account info and ISK ASAP.

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ISK and account info sent.

i recived the isk and account info

your account needs to be in omega state
i have to go work in 20 mins if not done shortly i will check in when back home

Account is in omega state at least until feb 2023.

character is now in transfer will be with you in 10 hrs ty

Character received, thank you.

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