WTS 35mill SP Orca, Miner Pilot

No kill rights
Positive wallet
In NPC corp
located in Amarr

Standard implant set with basic hardwirings

All bids will be considered, buyouts are welcome and will be accepted as long as they are reasonable. As soon as butters receives the isk the transfer will be started and confirmed.

17 bil offer

If there are no other offers within 1 hr I will accept

Can I see your skills? Their not showing

Try that

Still nothing just see your skill points and no skills

hmm seems to be working for me being not logged in, not that you dont know how to do it but are you clicking on “injected skills” and “skillz” tab


Trying using this website seems to work a lot better

That is an example of a toon listed currently


there ya go

Says not your character to view make it public

I dont know what to tell you mate, I even tried it on a different computer, everything is working for me on both services, and im not logged in. I double checked and both are public.

Ok thanks for trying though ever since the website crashed a few days ago I can’t see skills, heard a few people are having issue

Getting isk ready when your ready bud

Go ahead and send account info and isk to me in game ill start the transfer

Confirming Stephan Pappotte has won for 17b isk

17 bill isk sent sent via email in game with account name to transfer to.

Thank you

Transfer started! Thank you!

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