Toon has 4.999.607 SP + 250k unallocated SP.

Toon has 2 Bonus + yearly remap available
Toon is located in Jita
No killrights // No Jumpclones
All CCP Rules apply

I’ll pay the transfer fee
I’ll use transfer via PLEX

I’m in no hurry to sell this toon
Starting bid is 4b

Confirming, i’m for sale

4.5bn available right now


on the top again

still available

Ill do 4bill.

if no further bids are made, you’ll get the char tomorrow at 10 eve

for real dude?

You might consider to delete your inappropriate advertisment in my thread.

sorry ı dont consider

Please send Accountdetails and ISK to “Pedel Zirud”

all sent.

Recived and ticket for the transfer is created.

CCP responded, char is beeing transfered since 15:04 EVE today

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