WTS Your perfect dream character!

1 month 1 bump :sun_with_face:

What is price for that char?

b/o 110b

It used to be 200B B/O. Now it is 110B. I think if you wait another year you may be able to get it for 50B!

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I can offer 90B i have isk in hand, online now, ready for transfer

Can we do this?

Hey there! Sorry, 90b wont cut it - not THAT desperate for isk. Im online too, if you up the bid i might be inclined to sell (now).

As u can see, unfortunately no one cant pay that amount of isk for this char… So I think that is responsable offer… If anything will change i can go to 91B but no more… I am ready for transfer and i have isk in hand…

TY in advance

99,9b right now and i’ll sell it :stuck_out_tongue: offer stands 1hr. Ready to go

I can do .100b :stuck_out_tongue:

I can give u 95B ready now

k - ready. sent isk+info and ill initiate the transfer. wont be awake for long

Is my offer accepted?

I am here isk ready

yes, as per my last message :smiley: 95b accepted

Isk sent, mail with acc info sent. W8ing for transfer. TY

Isk received, transfer initiated - have fun o7

Mail recived. TYVM