WTS Your perfect dream character!

If you’re in a hurry, then consider a bid closer to my current b/o price of 190b (which is negotiable).

Kind Regards

how long do you expect for the auction?

i can offer

Thank you very much for your offer, Boer Martin.

I like that we slowly transition from lowball offers to a more serious territory.

@HugeBlack I don’t have an end-time for this auction, as I am in no hurry to sell this character under value. It will go as long as it will take to find a buyer which will appreciate this character and is willing to pay for that.


135B, i can offer

sent you email in game, let’s negotiate about it

Sure - replied

As for now, highest bid is 135b

Highest offer was 170b (which was not accepted by me) - however the bidder seems to have bought another char already.
I’d consider the current highest bid 130b.

So if you want to bid… save your time btw and continue bidding at 170b


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B u m p

don’t get frustrated, you’ll probably have this toon up for 6 months to a year before you find that right buyer. Good luck man, free bump.

Question: is the 120mil SP already injected or do you have 120mil SP in skill injectors?

Thanks @Queen_Currency =)

@gayasshit as per the skillboard link, find it in the first post, the skillpoints are unallocated in the character, ready to inject skills.

Bumpey :slight_smile:

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