WTSHas sold

Hey guys,

No kill rights
Positiv wallet
I would like to sell character fast but not cheap, make me a decent offer

Best luck!

And the password for the link?

I don’t know how to set it

you can choose to set a password when you authorize your character, which you have otherwise it would not ask for one, you probably don’t remember setting one. you could try to re-authorize your character but this time leave the “password” field blank.


I have set the password of 1234, but I still have no password when I copy this link

Put the password next to your link in you original post and all is fine :slight_smile:

21B offer

22 bill

23bil offer

24 bill

The offer fell short of the expected target. The final target is 30B

Still no new offer?

25 b thx

25 b thx

26 b isk ready

After 3 days no new bid, he will be yours

Do you still need this account?

yep waiting

Then you are confirmed. Please send the ISK and information to me by email