WTT/WTS 25 Mil SP Gallente Mission Runner

Up for sale is an 08 character that has been dormant for a few years. I recently returned to the game, and I’m looking to release some of my toons. The killboard has been inactive since 2010.

This toon has great drone and gallente skills. A few days from black ops, mauraders, and currently training recon ships. I just got the sec to -0.6.

1. Wallet balance. - Positive

2. Kill rights - None

3. Jump clones - None

4. Character location. - Hek (.05)

4. Remaps - 2
I am looking for an industry/mining toon if you’re willing to trade.

16 bil

offering 12b

Thank you for your offer, but that’s below my extracted value.


offering 12.3b

14 bil

15 and it’s yours tonight

If your offer is still valid, i will take it.


If the offer is valid and Estephan doesn’t reply before you with a better offer, then i accept. Please confirm

Confirm offer

Send isk and an eve mail with the destination account.

isk sent to Thezintercept?

Isk received. Will post the receipt when i’ve transferred. Should be in the next few minutes.

name of isk and account transfer sent

Character transfer initiated. Thank you and fly safe.