[YAGAS] PVP Corp - Pochven & Nullsec

Baba Yagas is a growing PVP corp primarily based in Pochven that is a part of The Initiative. alliance. Our interests focus on small to medium sized combat, and reaping the rewards that Pochven has to offer. We are active contributors to our alliance, joining large scale fleets and deploying capitals to support alliance objectives.

We have a strong team of experienced players and FCs, and regularly initiate PVP over the lucrative Pochven sites by using fleets ranging from HACs to Marauders. Baba Yagas is looking for active combat pilots that want to PVP while reaping great rewards.

Public Channel: YAGAS Public
Discord: http://discord.gg/tnr9N6DzWg
Lich Reaper (USTZ)
Anhees Tsasa (EUTZ)

What we offer

  • Headquarted in Pochven, the premier destination for nullsec PVP action in the game
  • All ranges and types of PVP activities
  • Robust logistics support network
  • Mature, laid-back culture
  • Members help each other out
  • Access to alliance infrastructure in Fountain

Application Requirements

  • Mature players (18+)
  • Microphone + TS3 + Mumble
  • 30mil+ SP (main character)
  • 2+ accounts/characters
  • Be active, participate on fleets, and shoot everyone

See you in space o7