[YAGAS] - The Initiative. PVP Corp - Pochven & Nullsec

Baba Yagas is a growing PVP corp primarily based in Pochven that is a part of The Initiative. alliance. Our interests focus on small to medium sized combat. We are active contributors to our alliance, joining large scale fleets and deploying capitals to support alliance objectives.

We have a strong team of experienced players and FCs, and regularly initiate PVP over the lucrative Pochven sites by using fleets ranging from HACs to Marauders. Baba Yagas is looking for active combat pilots that want to PVP while reaping the great rewards that Pochven has to offer.

What we offer

  • Headquarted in Pochven, the premier destination for nullsec PVP action in the game
  • All ranges and types of PVP activities
  • Robust logistics support network
  • Mature, laid-back culture
  • Members help each other out
  • Access to alliance infrastructure in Fountain
  • A ship replacement program for certain Pochven activities

Application Requirements

  • Mature players (18+)
  • Microphone + TS3 + Mumble
  • 35mil+ SP (main character)
  • 2+ accounts/characters
  • Be active, participate on fleets, and shoot everyone

If you’re interested in seeing some POV from occasional fights we have a channel for that.

Public Channel: YAGAS Public
Discord: Baba Yagas

Anhees Tsasa (EUTZ)
Rende Crow (USTZ)
Sue Abbott (EUTZ)
Victor Morricone (USTZ)
Zhaturin Lemonseeker (EUTZ)

See you in space o7


Still looking for active players!

I’ve been in Baba Yagas for a couple months now, and I’ve had an incredible time so far. As an ex-wormholer it’s a nice balance between having 50-man brawls in Poch, or being a part of 1,000-man null objectives that have a significant impact on the game world.

I hate isk-making, I just need it so I can buy my next PVP ship immediately. I used to dread running WH sites for blue loot cause it’s so damn boring, and the setup takes forever. In Pochven we make great isk while simultaneously getting great fights every fleet, no crit-ing holes required.

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Still looking for active players!

Always looking for active players!

Looking for active players!

We’re looking for more active players!

We are still looking for active players!

To all active pvpers out there, we’re still looking for recruits!

Looking for more recruits!

New recruits are always needed!

Recruiting yesterday! And today. And tomorrow.

Activity is key, Looking for more.