YC120 Pod and Planet-Day in the Life-Simple Faith

                                                   Simple Faith

By Kyle Saltz

                   A Moment in Time During the Pandemic Legion Invasion

(It has been several months since Pandemic Legion with its alliance of Evil had invaded Holy Providence. The QBL Pocket remains mostly free. Part of the Free Provi that does not have the shadow of Pandemic Legions forces there. Most of the defenders of this Pocket have left. The hardliners are here. Ones that refused to yield. Now this citadel is mainly quiet. A klazon blaring off in the distance foreshadowed the booted feet of a group of pilots rushing to their ships. Judging by their uniforms marked them to be Coalition Hispania pilots. These men of strange language and oft foreign accents humbled me by their dogged determination to defend our home. I had fought beside them innumerable times in the year plus I have been here. They fight with a zeal that only made me look into my own soul and ask if I was doing enough. Looking out into space I remembered an ancient poem from mother Earth.) Do not go gentle into the good night dear friends. Rage Rage RAGE into the dyeing of the light.
(Looking out into the ship bay I took stalk of the billions of isk of ships presented before me. I need faith. Something small…but noble. A light flickered on and off and blinked back on eliminating one of the first ships I flew as a pilot. A punisher. It was a ship as a child that made me want to join the Amarr Militia when I grew up. Punish the wicked I thought. There is much in this world that needs punished but with such a simple ship? My mind was not certain but I knew I must act on my faith. Nothing in this world is coincidental. Faith…duty…Sometimes its hard to be the person people expect you to be when your scared to death. Getting into the old ship I noticed some slight changes to it which gave me an idea.)
(The undocking went smooth with the initial rush of seeing the stars. I then marveled over the citadel in QBL. A man made structure in space that seems so gigantic but is paled in comparison to the heavenly host of stars and asteroids. I slowly maneuvered my ship to the underbelly of the structure. Starting to read intel lists. I had known the Pandemic Legion had established a beach head in G7AQ. So I waited patiently.)

(Intel Channel: Pandemic Legion, Wolf, G7AQ heading QBL)

Faith and Duty…(flips up a cover on a switch and slams the button igniting a cyno holding me in place in my punisher)

(Like a wolf of old Earth it stalked its prey. It scanned and found what it saw as a juicy target. Just like the scum it came in for the kill)

Pandemic Legion Pilot: Ahh Scrub provi carebear. Thanks for a easy kill.
(the wolf while warping in became stuck under the underbelly of the mighty citadel. Like a wild beast he cared not about his position but more about his precious kill. The guns of his ship barked as salvo after salvo spit forth its putrid contents. The noble Amarr Punisher of ancient design took the blows solidly giving me the precious time that was needed.)

Kyle Saltz: I will not go quietly into the night good friend.

Pandemic Legion Pilot: WTF? Dude your dead.

(At this time the Citedal guns finally locked onto the Wolf. Webs, scrams, and everything the mighty war machine had unleashed its contents upon the pilot.)

Kyle Saltz: RAGE RAGE RAGE into the dying of the light.

(The Pandemic Legion Pilot raged indeed. Up until the light of his ship briefly illuminated the structure for a brief moment like a fire work.)

Open Frequency on all channels: This is Kyle Saltz to all Provi Pilots. I am operating on Radio Free Provi, There is still Space untaken by our enemy. To those out there in quiet pockets surrounded or under the shadow of our enemy. You are not alone. Do not go quietly into the gentle night. Rage Rage Rage…Until we ALL are free once again. This is Kyle Saltz in QBL Pocket. Signing off.

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