Yep.... couldnt stay away forever. But question

Its been a few years but I’m going to grab a decent laptop and come back to Eve. Probably in a few weeks. I already scoured the forums for the common question about getting ships out of old corp space. You guys are awesome and gave others very clear options so I think I know what I need to do.

I do have one question though… I just did the login and reset password option to get to these forums. What I’m wondering is how can I view my characters info like SP and assets without having the game client (currently on a POS cheap comp)?

I was looking through the recruitment forum and it had SP requirements for a lot of them. I wanted to view my char info so I can see if I qualify. I don’t remember what I had made it to as far as SP total. I know I bought and flew a Paladin for a few months then finished skills for a Rorg. But I cant remember number details.

As to your question, perhaps some method via ESI? (replaced API) dunno. Lets try to summon @Steve_Ronuken on this and see if maybe he has an idea on it.

EvE will probably play on a potato computer with the settings turned far down. Maye install the client and use the four-hour grace period you get to sell some of your stuff and plex your account? Then you could see what was up with your character easily and at your leisure.

Well, evemon still exists for sp.

And jeveassets for assets

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The SP requirements are for the most part there to chase away wannebees and tryhards.

Some PVP orientated corps state those but will bring you on if you show ability. We all know that some people can punch way above their SP level.

SP requirements are a vague thing anyway… SP in what matter. If they state must be able to fly a fully T2 Leshak… then you know. :slight_smile:

If you can fly a Paladin and Rorqual, you probably meet the SP requirements! That said, I would recommend leaving the expensive ships parked for a while until you relearn how to fly them!

Another way to access your account information is through

It should work on most phones and tablets.

Welcome back.

Thank you guys. I look forward to relearning and getting back in the game. I missed it.

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