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An honest post

My main is an extremely bored 175m SP 10 year eve veteran who has recently dropped to alpha status, partially in response to the crap monetized s**tfest this game has become, partly through boredom of logging on and doing various things to make ISK and logging off again.

I recently decided to have a last throw of the dice with this game to see if I can inject some enjoyment and fun into it, if I can then I am happy to resub, I have sold my off a lot of my assets and have a decent enough bank to pay for my ships (as long as they don’t have stupid bling).

My ideal scenario would be this.

A UK/EU based organisation that is active within the 17:00 / 21:00 eve time timeframe (I can be online longer some weekends), PVP orientated and like getting up to mischief. ESS Bashes, this new heist thing (as long as the fleet members benefit from the money), Null and WH roams, maybe lowsec even although I would like to keep my sec status above 0.

An organisation that has Alpha friendly ships as part of their doctrine and bases out of Jita*****. That do day trips into WH space or use filaments to jump to null or Pochven for content. High sec wardecs A group that has SRP for fleets (simply to make my bank go further) and has respectful comms (rather that foul mouthed, slur filled rants), a group that doesn’t expect me to alarm clock anything. A group that doesnt care about loses on their killboards.

As I say, if I find the right place and am having fun then I am happy to resub 1 account.

***** Why Jita? because you can get everything you every want there, when you want it, generally at a reasonable price rather than relying on JF pilot to bring in stuff and slapping on 50% to the Jita price.

Hey! I run a pvp oriented c5 wh corp. Nothing has extra tax for being moved in and we do a lot daily including Nullsec/wh roams! Every fleet is Srped most I even buy the ships ahead of time! Alpha friendly ship we do have and can make you omega in less than 2 weeks time. No hard grinding. The only thing we dont do is base out of jita but if you are interested join here Murderous Mindset

Hey mate, we tick all the boxes you’re looking for, minus the Jita hub, however, we stock our own market, and are quite near Amarr (about 10 - 12)

A bit about us:

We’re a UK/EU based Corp with a US/EU/UK Alliance.

Consistent roams and filament fleets for absolute banter-filled comm’s.

We’re active from 1700 - 0300 EVE Time on a daily basis

The boys and girls are mostly PvP orientated with a good mix of indy and newer pilots, vets who know what they’re doing and a crew of FC’s too.

This is my Corp’s Discord if you’d like to hop in for a chat: The D.A.

Our Zkill: Dystopian Angels | Corporation | zKillboard

We also don’t really care about the KB, we’re happy to teach or help avoid losses and stuff like that by showing the ropes for new bro’s etc, but ultimately it ain’t an issue.

Be great to hear from you,


@cj_Okaski thanks for your reply. I don’t think WH life is for me at the moment at least, been there several times before and basing out of the higher end ones were not enjoyable for me.

@Shadow_Asuna Thanks for your reply. I took a look at your KB, a lot of of kills on there are either early AM for me (2am till 6am) or after I log (about 21.00 to 22.00 UK time), So don’t think that would be a good move for me.

Ah yeah that’s been recently, if you go a bit further back we’ve got kills around a the 1900 and 1700 marks as well.

And we roam frequently to different areas, plus not many of us UK boys and girls around tbh, but I respect whatever decision you take sir.

I sent you a mail about this, Giddy. Get in touch if you want to chat.

@Shadow_Asuna thanks for coming back to me, I am going to take a little break from the game anyway just to recoup and then make soem decisions, I may well come back to you, fly dangerous o7

Hello Mr. Giddy

If u interested in UK/EU timezone activity and presence in HS Ganking, LS stuff and mainly NS, I would find u a perfect fit to our Imperial Fleet, we also have alot of alpha friendly ships to take on all fleets of ours that come hourly

If that sounds like your daily cup of tea, join our discord and talk to us

We hope to have u with us bud

Not a problem mate, do take care in these trying times and that, keep me posted if you do return, would be great to hear from you.


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Hey, hope you’re well! Enjoy your break before reading this and if you do decide to come back, then give it a read o7

TADRA are EU/US corp out in Placid. Our core comes from the UK, many of us have played together for several years and we’re a mix of veterans from ten-plus years ago to new 6 month pilots.

Our attitude is very much real-life comes first and that means things are a little quiet at the moment but we’re certainly dead, here’s our wall of shame: Tainted Dragons | Corporation | zKillboard

  • We’re a member of the Down Under Syndrome Alliance which affords us content around the clock.
  • Our lowsec home system has a concord bureau so even if you do lose that sec status you can fix it without going anywhere.
  • We do filaments most weeks, mainly with alcohol but not necessary.
  • We’ve very little space and time for toxic comms

Our recruitment post below should provide you with some more background if you’re interested and I look forward to hearing from you.

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