You’ve tried null sec the right way, join Sphinx Rising for a steamy helping of WR0NG

Sphinx Rising is a laid-back sov null based mining/industrial/pve corp looking for new friends to join us in our adventure to build our new home and find our place as we move out of the scourge of scarcity into Industry 2.0. We are a proud member of WR0NG alliance, a pretty dang fine group of folks.

We are taking all level of characters from gnarled vets to green fresh out of the pod newbies.

What we offer:

  • SRP for Alliance and Coalition fleets
  • Small gang and med/large PVP if you want it
  • Pretty good null sec ratting
  • People with lots of experience in mining, production, and marketing
  • Freighter service to transport goods and ships
  • Free starter ships given out as needed
  • Alliance and Corp weekly moon mining
  • People who do abyssal if you like that sort of thing
  • Space masochism in the form of a corp organized Planetary Interaction co-op

Rules and stuff:

  • Alliance requires a heartbeat, but really as long as you are still warm and haven’t started smelling yet you’re ok with us
  • Discord is used for corp and alliance communication, you will need to be able to use Discord
  • Team Speak is used for ops, you will need to be able to use Team Speak
  • A microphone and the willingness and ability to use with the above communication tools
  • Be of legal age. No minors (miners, yes, jailbait, no)
  • Don’t cause drama and have a sense of humor (weird is welcome)

We currently have a 52% dangerous kill board, just enough to prove our shitty pvp is the fault of bad FCs. Here is our super elite kill board:

If you have any questions you can join our public discord.

Someone will be with you to answer any of your questions that you may have.

The great space PI race is kicking off. For those who truly enjoy masochism we are organizing our PI co-op in true Eve fashion with lots of spreadsheets and dreams of rivers of isk flowing into our pockets. Come join us for your fair share!

Discord link doesn’t seem to be valid anymore.

Sorry try this one.

The great PI race continues and looks to be a promising long term isk making project. Also, we need moon miners if you like that sort of thing. Come on down!

Who needs Jita when you can build it local. Join us and profit!

PI Co-op project is working out well. So many planets, not enough meds. Also, need moon miners still, join us for some diggy diggy hole.

Swimming in that moon dust. Things are looking up, plans are being made. Indy 2.0 here we come!

More Ice and Mercoxit, YAY! Happy days are here again! Well almost. Scarcity ending soon, join us for the new age of eve industry!

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