"You're a goddamn mole!?" [Guardian's Gala one-shot]


“Gentlemen… Love makes you do some crazy things. I know, I know… One of the most cliche statements in the book! However I can’t help but see some truth in it of late… Love is some strange driving force that makes you do irrational things. Irrational things in the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment in the company of someone else. It’s what we all want, no? Well… Trt and keep a cool head on your shoulders and uh… Don’t make the mistakes I did, alright? Will lead to a healthier relationship…”

  • Devan Cavris

“You’re a goddamn mole!?”

February 12th YC124

Curse, Guardians Gala site in the Hale Constellation - Rented soundproof luxury booth.

“Hey you~!”

“H-Hey Veriai…”

“Was wondering if you were gonna show up… Worried I was about to be stood up.”

“What? No!… Never! Just… Had to do one last shipment of boosters in Metropolis. There were some complications with customs that held me back, but the goods got through and I rushed up here as fast as I could.”

“Better late than never… Come on Devan! Sit down…Relax”

< Veriai patting the sofa cushion next to her >

“…Y-Yeah… Sure.”

< Devan sitting down next to Veriai >

“… Is that what I think it is?”

< Veriai pouring Devan a glass of wine >

“One of your favorite kinds of moscato? That it is! Went ahead and ordered a bottle while waiting for you… Had one glass of it already. Hope you don’t mind…”

“No! No… I-Im sorry I kept you waiting.”

< Veriai handing Devan a glass of wine >

“Ehhhh it’s no big deal, Devy. You’re here now! That’s all that matters to me… So! I have the booth rented out for another twenty minutes, figured that’s enough time to enjoy ourselves… Afterwards we can go watch a couple Gauntlet runs! I hear one of the slaves is an Egger!”


“Rare find if true! I think they nabbed him walking into the wrong side of a station… Should be a wonderful end to our night, yes?”


“… Devan? Is something wrong?”

“… K-Kinda… Listen,Veriai. I think I need to get something off my chest…”


“I… L-L-Lemme just set some framing for this real quick. Veriai, I… I feel as if you’re someone that completes me. Admittedly- at first, I saw you as being unlikely to do that… But you surprised me, you ended up being more than I’d thought of you at first. You’ve saved my ass more times than I count from Customs, CONCORD, Capsuleers, I… Owe you so much. And it is with every genuine fiber of who I really am when I say that I love you.”

“I love you too Devan… Thank you for that.”

“N-No, thank you… Umm… T-The problem is that I’ve uh… Living a second life?”

“… What do you mean?”

“W-What I mean is that… I sorta have a double life outside of the job, outside of the Serpentis…”

“… Go on.”

“In this second life, I have different people I talk to. I have different relationships-”

“-Are you ■■■■■■■ saying you’ve been seeing someone else this whole time?!”

“No! NoNoNo, that’s not it! Not it… T-This is different.”


“Different! But maybe just as bad… O-Or worse even! I’m not proud of this… In this second life, I work for… Other people.”

“Devan, can you stop trying to explain this to me like I’m five and just tell me?”

< Devan shooting up from his seat >

“I’m trying! I really am! Just… I’m trying to pick my words carefully because… I-I know what I have to say isn’t good! I don’t know how to W- Veriai, I’m working for the ■■■■■■■ Feds!”



“You… What?”

“Oh ■■■■…”

“You’re working for the Feds?”

“Why the ■■■■ did I just say that…”

< Veriai standing up >

“You’re a goddamn mole!?”

“Veriai, please. I can ex-”

< Veriai punching Devan in the gut >

< Devan falling back down onto the sofa in pain >

“You mothetfuckers! You lowdown rat prick! How ■■■■■■■ long?!”

“Veriai! Please!”

“How long have you been a god damn mole?!”

“… Since the start.”

“Oh my ■■■■■■■ god…”

“I’m so sorry Veriai…”

“Sorry? SORRY?!”

< Veriai grabbing Devan by the shirt collar >

“Do you have the slightest ■■■■■■■ idea of what you done?! You think being SORRY is gonna cover this!?”

“I didn’t mean to get you involved in this!”

“Didn’t mean to get me involved?! Then why the ■■■■ did you spend the last ■■■■■■■ year leading me on?”


“Answer me!”

“… I thought it be good for my cover if-”

“-You ■■■■■■■■■■■■.”

< Veriai punching Devan in the face >

< Devan flying down to the booth’s floor >

“You weasel ■■■■! I was nothing more than a prop for your cover?!”

“No! I… I just thought I’d just blend more in if I started having more social connections… S-So maybe yes! At first. B-But now I regret that! Now I see that you’re far more than that to me! I mean what I said, I love you Variai.”

“Shut up!”

“I do! I just… Made a mistake in getting to know you, I guess…”

“Oh! That’s wonderful… Getting close to me was a ‘Mistake’ no different from me opening up my motherfucking heart to you. I see how it is.”

“This all sounds as stupid as you think! I agree! I thought I was some high IQ undercover agent! I’m not! I just… ■■■■,I’m so sorry!”

"Again! You’re saying sorry! Like you think that fixes everything. You just ■■■■■■ my entire life from this point on. My career? Over. I’m forever tainted for being with a rat ■■■■ like you!

“No it’s not! It’s… Okay maybe it’s ■■■■■■, but I have a way out of this!”

“No. You don’t.”

“… I’ve mentioned you to my handlers.”

“No you ■■■■■■■ didn’t. You DID NOT mention me to the ■■■■■■■ feds!”

“Let me finish! I’m working out something with them! See… Once my operation is done, we can run away on some remote world under federal protection!”

“Oh my god, you’re a ■■■■■■■ moron. Are you listening to yourself? You think I’m just gonna run away with you?! Betray the Guardian Angels and live off the protection of the Federal government? Do you not understand what a crock of ■■■■ “Federal protection” is? You think we can just run from all of this and suffer no consequences? The Cartel would have me and you skinned alive in a matter of three days.”

“I’m just trying to make it better! Okay?”

“You only made it worse! Why are you telling me all this?!”

< Devan standing back up >

“Because I wanted you to know the truth! To hear it from me in the event things don’t go to plan and my cover is blown…I tell you, because I love you too much to lie to you anymore.”

“… In that case-”

< Veriai picking up wine bottle and taking a swig >

“-If you aren’t going to lie to me anymore, then tell me how much you’ve been telling the feds…”

“I’ve been planted in the Serpentis just to report on their trafficking efforts. I ain’t ever tell them anything about the Angel Cartel and what they’re doing, just the Serpentis…”

“So you never once took anything I told you to them?”


“Answer me.”

“No! No…I… I maybe cherry p-”

< Veriai bonking Devan on the head with the wine bottle >

< Devan falling to his knees in intense pain >

“You piece of ■■■■! I’m dead now because of you! The two of us are ■■■■■■■ dead now because of you! Never mind that you broke my motherfucking heart you prick!”

“I’m sorry!”

“That’s all you have to say! That you’re sorry! You’re the first man I let get close to me in years and this Is what you do. This is what you do with the trust I show you. Ontop of that, now I look suspicious and mostly likely will be killed alongside you.”

"It doesn’t have to be that way!

"No. it doesn’t… Maybe if I kill you myself, I’ll get off with a slip on the wrist

“You… You wouldn’t do that now, would you Veriai?”

“I dunno… Tell me this, is Devan even your real name? Or is that also a lie?”



“… it’s not my real name.”

“… Then maybe a quick death is too good for you, maybe it should be YOU that runs the gauntlet Instead of that egger.”

“No! NoNoNo! Veriai! Wait”

< Veriai knocking Devan out with thr wine bottle >