"Old man Darieux? Name ring any bells?" [Gallente One-Shot]

[Gallente One-Shot]

“Look, I ain’t one that’s good at giving monologues or whatever… Frankly I ain’t really sure what to even say about myself as nobody really ever asked me how I feel about… Whatever it may be. So forgive me if I fail to find the right words or this just comes off as me rambling… I’m just one out of trillions who grew up in a bad situation and had to make the most of it. I don’t think of myself as anything other than someone that continued to strive through hard times and found a bit of prosperity at the end. I don’t see myself as being special or above others because of that, in fact it just makes me feel worse when I meet people who don’t have the same luck as I did… Really that’s all it is to me, just luck.”

  • Rorin Fanier

“Old man Darieux? Name ring any bells?”

January 10th YC 125

Gallente Prime, Callie streets - Car meet in the parking lot of a Fedmart in a low-Income neighborhood


< Music blaring from a nearby vehicle >
((Warning: audio spike, start at low volume))

Hey! This your car?!"

“… You lost mister?! Entrance is all the way over there!”

“No! Just couldn’t help but notice this was a YC 120 series Karagot X90! Even with all the uh… Modifications you’ve made to it!”

“… You a cop?!”

"Me? NoNoNo! Just admiring your ride! I wanted one of these Khanid made cars! I love the design and aesthetics!

"Look officer, we ain’t doing anything other than having fun. We’re not blocking the entrances! We aren’t accosting anyone! We’re over here in the empty part of the parking lot just having a good time!”

“Listen! I’m not a cop!.. Those gentlemen over there! In the red car parked way over there!? Those are cops!”

“… Yeah?! Yeah, so what? we knew that already”

< Car doing a burnout >

“■■■■ this… You’re Rorin Fanier!”


“Rorin Fanier! Know also as ‘Karbon’ round here.”

“So you are a cop?”

“No! I’m with CreoDron!”


“Yes! And I was hoping I could have a word with you! Somewhere more quiet, preferably!”


“I said I wanna talk somewhere more quiet!”

"…Nah! I’m good!

“I insist!”

“And I said I’m good, man! How about you goes on about your-”

“-1109 Ceracorn street, lockup 184!”


“We know where our tech is! Now if you don’t mind… I’d like us to talk more privately!”

“… Get in the car.”

"Really? Alright! Yeah! Sure!! I always wanted to be inside one of these!

Interior of Rorin Fanier’s X90

“God damn! I didn’t expect to sit in an X90 today! This is an absolute treat! This thing is impressive, kid! Begs the question how exactly how someone like you managed to get their hands on one of these!”

“What’s that supposed to mean…?”

"I mean, our research into you didn’t really peg you as the type to be able to afford Khanid imports like this.

< Rorin fastening his seatbelt >

“I got my connects…”

“These connects how you get your hands on CreoDron property?”

“Look, if this is about the engine, y’all can have that ■■■■■ back. I was going to take you up there and open the door for you myself just so you can take it without having to break in or anything.”

< Rorin starting the car >

“Wow! Just like that, huh?”

“Ain’t worth getting smoke blown up my ass for. You want it back, it’s yours.”

“Well one step at a time… You think CreoDron would go through this effort of sending me just to ask for it back nicely when we already know where the engine is located and could easily have your ass booked by local law enforcement?”

“Ight, then what’s this about? Who even are you?”

“Ulreg Lonnomo. I’m something of a talent scout for CreoDron’s many many engineering departments. Let’s just say this engine you have has gotten you on our radar and we had to learn a little about you and well… We like what we see…”

“… Are you offering me a job?”

“Again, one thing at a time… I’d like to get your side of things before we talk any further on that.”

< Rorin’s car gently moving forward >

“My side on what exactly?”

“Well… Let me ask about these ‘Connects’ you got.”

“No names.”

“Of course, of course… Just, am I correct in assuming you acquired the engine though these anonymous ‘connects’ you got?”


“… Did you know what exactly you were buying?”

“Some badass looking engine? Never saw anything like it before.”

“So you don’t know what it’s from?”

“Nah man… Uh, some utility vehicle for industrial work? I dunno. I only knew it was made by you CreoDron folk after I started to work with it and noticed all the markings.”

“That engine is military grade. Comes directly from a vehicle we developed to be used in advanced warfare scenarios.”


“Yes… A CreoDron designed Methana-class Light Attack Vehicle… Or, LAV for short.”

< Car gently braking >

" No ■■■■…? Yeah, I didn’t know THAT’S what I was working with this whole time. Explains why I couldn’t find any info on it…"

“Figures. We kept that knowledge in-house. It was an exclusive model that we distributed in limited quantities to private contractors operating across New Eden. A uh… Promotional campaign I suppose.”

“Couldn’t you just hand out trading cards like Imeptus does for their new holo-reel releases?”

" < Chuckle > Probably would’ve been way cheaper! These uh… Were ‘special’ clients though that had unique and more simple minded needs that we directly catered to…"

“Right… Yo, am I clear on your side?”

“… Yeah all good here.”

“… You got something against seatbelts?”


“Your seatbelt. Mind putting it on?”

“… Silly me!”

< Ulreg putting his seatbelt on >

< Car pulling out onto the open road >

“Thank you…”

“You know? For a street racer, I’m surprised how responsible of a driver you’re turning out to be.”

“… What? You think I just zoom around speeding all the damn time like it’s some hologame?”

“Just the impression I get… Your lifestyle is about violating every damn traffic law we have. Just pegged me as the type to not care and you know… Go at your own speed and pace. Stick it to the man!”

“… Riiiight. Well unless we’re talking about this month’s rent money? I ain’t got a reason to go over the speed limit… Besides, I don’t wanna give your friends the wrong impression that I’m running off with you…”


“Those two ‘cops’ you pointed out earlier? They’re right behind us.”

“Oh well would you look at that…”

“They’re with you, right?”

“Just a precaution… Pretend they’re not there.”

“Look, I ain’t dangerous, Ight? I ain’t involved with drugs or gang ■■■■. I’m just a regular dude that fixes up and drives cars very fast from time to time on abandoned roads at the dead of night.”

“Cars with CreoDron technology crammed into it?”

< Car gently braking >

“That makes me dangerous? Look man, I didn’t know that ■■■■ was military grade-”

“-And despite being unable to find any public information on it, having never saw it before yourself and noticing our markings all over individual parts - You still decides to cram into a ■■■■■■■ black 99 Galdono C7 and start posting all kinds of videos on the galnet drag racing in it.”

"Again, does that make me dangerous? Stupid maybe, dangerous though? And for the record I hadn’t posted any video at all on the galnet. That’s all spectators that came to watch the race uploading that ■■■■ online.

< Car driving forward >

“Stupidity and danger go hand-in-hand. Doesn’t look good on CreoDron’s brand when a bunch of street racing punks are utilizing our tech In ways it wasn’t designed for and blasting it all over the galnet for the cluster to see. It’s a miracle you didn’t overload the engine and blow yourself up on ignition… Miracle is maybe the wrong word, because there’s a degree of brilliance in what you did that we have to take into consideration.”


"That engine was never meant to be put in a regular road car. It was designed specifically for that Methana model of ours. It was made for heavy duty grunt work on planets you couldn’t even pronounce the name of and had to be durable enough to survive small arm fire, missiles, railguns - High speeds on bumpy offroad terrain all while carrying the weight of the vehicle and the passengers who were all decked out with armor and weapons damn near as heavy as the vehicle itself! And you put that thing in a god damn Galdono and somehow didn’t kill yourself or your whole block up in the process.

“So this is why I’m talking to some ‘Talent scout’ right now… I impressed y’all.”

“Don’t let it get to your head… CreoDron is made up of millions of equally impressive individuals. You’re a special case if anything, but neither the first or last. You taking our tech and molding it to fit your own needs with no insight on how it even worked is the kind of ingenuity and forward thinking problem solving CreoDron was quite literally founded upon.”

“What you on about?”

“Old man Darieux? Name ring any bells?”


“■■■■! What are they teaching you kids in school these days?!”

< Car turning left >

“I dunno man, I dropped out when I was twelve…”

“Yeah, we learned that about you… Shouldn’t make a difference really! We’re talking about one of the Federation’s national treasures! A true celebrity! Not these fedoshit overpaid holo-reel actors and ■■■■■■■… Galnet Influencers posting videos of their newest dance number. I’m talking about THE example of what one person with the right mindset and skills can achieve.”

"Clearly you hadn’t seen TwoFoodLeftFoot998’s newest vid. President should issue him a medal with how hard he was hitting his stride.”

“Cute… But just to being you up to speed, CreoDron was founded by a one Ceul Darieux after their epic journey from the Ouperia system.”

“Ouperia system?”

“We call it ‘Old Man’s Star’ today. The Ouperia was a measly little solar system that the Federation wanted to expand into at some point like any other… Sent a construction ship with jump-drive capabilities from Villore and thanks to some malfunction in the drive, they’re jump route was put off course and they landed in some asteroid field… Asteroid slammed into their ship, killed the entire crew except their drone operator, Ceul Darieux.”

“Now that you’re explaining it… Think I saw a holo-reel that went something like this.”

“Yes! That was HIS holo-reel! With Lehondo Lolo as Darieux?”

“Oh nah, one I saw had Gabren Wiloz.”

< Car gently braking >

“OH! You saw that piece of ■■■■ reboot made in YC 110!”

“I liked it.”

“Let me just educate you real quick… It wasn’t over two hundred people on that ship that got killed, okay? It was four.”


“Yes! I don’t know why the ■■■■ Impetus of all people took this liberty. But they told the story like Ceul was the sole survivor out of two hundred. Drone automation had reached a point where we could cut back on crews significantly. It was only five people sent to Ouperia! Tried to spin some nonsense with a kernel of truth of how things USED to be just to make it sound more awful and… It’s tripe kid, alright? That reel is triple and you should watch the original with Lehondo Lolo.”

< Car turning right >

“Ight man, I hear you, relax… If I remember correctly, reel ended with him - Darieux - building the stargate out of the side of an asteroid and making a triumphant return by bridging the connection back to Villore… Or is that some fedoshit the reboot came up with?”

“Nope! That part’s correct! Drifted through the entire Ouperia system, bouncing around the celestial bodies in half a ship and made it to the correct location to start building the gate and finish the damn job he was sent out on… A weaker man would’ve given up, but not Old man Darieux! Built a whole stargate by himself with the deck stacked against him…”

“Him and a personal army of drones… Yo, is it true that man would try and like… Talk to the drones as if they were people? Dressing them up and everything?”

“That’s a myth with no credible evidence and well… If it was fact, I’d understand… P-Point is, after all that he came home, founded CreoDron, and we’d go on to become one of the technological pillars keeping the Federation on the bleeding edge… Old man Darieux set the standard, we can’t expect everyone to be able to build a stargate alone in the void, but we can acknowledge those that have the same kind of traits he did….”


“Your work on the engine? Insignificant to his achievements but… It shows promise. We can make something of you.”

“Me? A dropout at twelve?”

“Might I ask about that? Was this you ditching school to go live the life of a street racer?”

“Nah man… I had to work.”

“That right?”

“Yeah… < Inhale > My dad was in the Navy but uh… Was considered MIA after his patrol got ambushed by pirates in deep space. No body or even tags were found of him when rescue teams shifted through the wreckage… Money stopped coming in so my mom had to stop raising me and my brother so she could work… Had a job at the starport for several years before she had an accident there with a shipping container and… Well, she’s been paralyzed from the waist down ever since.”

“Just one thing after the other?”

“Don’t need to tell me… So yeah. My dad was gone, my mother needed assistance just to get out of bed in the morning… I’m the oldest so… Had to stop being a kid and start working. I had to start being a provider for both my mom and little brother…”

“So that’s when you got into street racing?”

"Man, slow the ■■■■ down, ight? No, I did real 9-5 type ■■■■ like I’m told I’m supposed to do. I didn’t get involved in any type of dubious activities and tried to play it straight like my mom and dad did…Not much I could do being a dropout, but I had a job working at this lower end store stocking shelves and getting paid under the table.

< Car gently braking >

“So where does this expertise in vehicles begin?”

“Well I had to start driving my mom’s car around to get to work and take my brother to and from school… Money was damn near non-existent so I had to learn to repair that old Reemo 78 by myself with what I had around me… Wanna see some impressive engineering? Should have seen all the ghetto little jury-rigs I’d had to come up with just to keep that junker alive for one more trip.”

“Still have it?”

< Chuckle > Nah man, in fact that’s where my life in the racing community began.”


< Car moving forward >

“Yeah… When I was like… Sixteen or seventeen I got fired from job after I told this ■■■■■ to ■■■■ off after she wouldn’t listen to my explanation as to why the thing she wanted wasnt in stock… A moment of weakness with all the ■■■■ I had going on in my life at the time…. Driving home I was just in a daze… I just lost my job and now I’m trying to calculate how things were gonna go to ■■■■ as a result. Thinking about rent, thinking about food, my mom’s medical bills and I explain to both of them that my job over being a dumbass… and I get snapped out if it by the car next to me. This tricked out Ferol Sports car and him blasting the newest SinisterByte album over his trunk speakers.”

“Go on.”

“Starts mad dogging me and revving his engine up… I’m just sitting there thinking “Who the ■■■■ is this man and who does he THINK he is?”… Understand I’m at the peak of my stress and anger. I’m having the worst day of my life and I had this ■■■■■■■■■■■■ flexing to me at the damn traffic light… He wanted to race me in a car whose windows didn’t roll up properly.The disrespect was… I couldn’t even speak! I just glared at him and contemplated what the ■■■■ I was going to do in this situation.”

“What did you do?”

“My mind was a mess… Do I just take a left here and go home or do I barrel down the road ahead of me and race this punk… I argued with myself back and forth and when that light hit green… My thoughts just vanished and I floored it… He pulled ahead, but I stayed on him. I felt like I was in a trance all of a sudden… Nothing else around me mattered except getting pass this guy.”

“Did you win?”

“Nah man… I wrecked the car.”


“After a while, I did pull ahead of him… But that’s only because he was smarter and knew not to go as fast as I was… I don’t even remember what speed I was going, I just remember the wheel getting snatched out of my hands and everything going dark… L-Like my brain didn’t even catch up to the fact I crashed yet with how fast I was going.”

“■■■■… How’d you get out of that.”

< Car turning right >

“When I woke up I was laid out on some couch in an apartment I didn’t recognize… I was in pain, I couldn’t move or speak but I saw that guy I was racing watching a holo-reel in the corner of my eye… Think it was some standard Impetus action reel, couldn’t tell you the name…”

“He pulled you out of the wreck?”

“Yeah… Saw me crash out and stopped his car and ran over to check on me…From what it sounded like, I could have died right then and there. See this scar right here on my forehead?”


“that’s a huge piece of the windshield that got logged deep in there.”


“I was in bad shape… He started hearing sirens closing in and decided to tear me out of the car, throw me in his and took me to his place… His girl was in school to be a nurse and she took care of me for about like… A week and a half.”

“Guess good samaritans still exist.”

“It did cause a strain in their relationship, I would hear them arguing about me and it just made me feel like ■■■■… I was thinking she only took care of me only because she didn’t want a corpse in her place… When I had a bit more strength I would get up while they were both out and clean their dishes, take out the trash and just… Whatever I could do to just show my appreciation.”

“Sounds painful.”

“It was excruciating, but… I had to do it. I had to get up, I had to keep fighting. I had to honor their kindness in someway…”

“Honor their kindness? Ain’t heard that one before.”

"Out here… It’s easy for people to be selfish. It’s easy to look at other people’s problems and think “That’s theirs to deal with, not mine.” and keep walking… I understand why and everything, don’t get me wrong. Just to me, it shows a degree of strength and character in someone when they can be in a ■■■■■■ up situation and don’t fall to apathy…. My man could’ve sped off and left me in that wreck, right? I was the idiot in that situation, I did that to myself and deserved the consequences… Yet he pulled me out…A complete stranger I only met at a stoplight a minute ago… You don’t ever take something like that for granted… It’s a debt you’ll never feel that can be paid off… C-Can I go on a tangent? Tell you a story?

“Sure! You have a captive audience!”

< Car gently braking >

“… Down that street down there? You’d take this left go down there, and immediately on the right was this arcade I’d always hit up when I was younger. Ever heard of a game called Cosmos Warriors?”

“I haven’t.”

“Was a fighting game. Back when we had spending money, I’d go up there with my brother and we’d play that all the time… A-Among other things there of course, but that to me personally was my favorite game there…”

“Fighting games huh? Think my daughter is into-”

“-Where i’m going with this is that I loved this game as a kid… And while going there I met this older janitor dude, I don’t remember his first name, but I’d always called him ‘Mr.Agole’ because I wanted to be respectful towards him.”

< Car moving forward >

“As you should with those older than you. Being a respectable young man suits you.”

“Wasn’t like that… Sure, he was older than me. I think even around your age perhaps. Just… He was tight! He’d tell me about the newer games that were coming in and was smart as hell! I would just listen to him speak and feel inadequate with how he spoke and explained things. I think I expanded my vocabulary a few times just to keep up with him… It never added up to me why exactly someone like him was cleaning bathrooms…”

“You know, you’re more articulate than I expected.”

"Thanks? I guess?…So anyway, when I dropped out in favor of working. I essentially had to give up being a kid… I had to give up a lot of the things I enjoyed in the wealth of freetime I used to have before my pops ended up missing and my moms was bound to a wheelchair. Despite that, I… Selfishly set aside the credit just to have one go at the game… Once a week.

< Car turning right >

“That good of a game?”

“Nah I just… Wanted to be a kid again. I missed having fun… I just needed that fix every now and then, so I’d sneak up there on the weekends and when I was fourteen, I had just got through a ■■■■ week and was looking forward to going up there… I was gonna beat it this time. Clear the whole ladder and the final boss… The secret boss and ■■■■… I was amped up! So I go in… Fed the machine my credits to play right?”


“Machine glitched out on me. Booted me back to the pay screen. Took my credit still.”

“… Aww”

“I was… Destroyed inside. I had just had my moment of escape snatched away from me… I-I wanted to cry! I legitimately fought back tears because I just thought the whole ■■■■■■■ galaxy was just plotting against me… I think Mr.Agole witnessed this. Saw what just happened and how devastated I was… He fixed the machine sometimes so he came over, got his keys out and popped the machine’s back open… Stuck his head in and next thing I know, I’m at the character select screen… He closed the machine up, nodded at me and walked away.”


“I may had forgotten his first name… But I’ll never forget him for that… Dude just walked up and handed my childhood back to me… He could have lost his job over that! Man smart as him, and this was the best he can do in terms of employment? This is what I’m talking about: how it’s easy for people to struggle and fall to apathy… He had his own struggle, and even then he put himself at risk just to extend to me kindness I’d never expect.”"

“… Did you beat it?”

“Damn right I did…”

“Heh, alright then… So getting back on track… How does someone like you start a career in street racing? You know, after getting into a life threatening wreck and everything? You come off as a kid with a good head on their shoulders, yet you’re throwing your life away breaking the law…”

< Car gently braking >

" Yeah man, I’m just a dangerous thug out there…Look, after I was in better condition, I expressed how I wanted to do what I could to pay back for their kindness… I mentioned I knew a little bit about cars so he had me look at his ride… I ended up doing a good enough job patching and tuning it that he apparently started telling his friends about me who started asking me to work on their cars… For money this time around. Eventually I found my stride and started making custom bodykits for large sums… Every car at that car meet we were just at, I had a hand in constructing.

“Ah! Started a little business venture!”

"It DID become a business. Even still a bit ■■■■■■ up from that crash, I was able to keep supporting my Mom and brother with the cred I was earning off those repair jobs. Eventually I had some money set aside and the guy who saved me was trying to get rid of that Ferol and move up to something more modern and was willing to hand it off at a discount… Even though I had that wreck and near death experience… That night I started going over the speed limit and felt liberated… Like I said, nothing else around me mattered and for that brief moment I felt at peace… I put the money down, and started racing for real.”

< Car moving forward >

“Guess if we’re riding in a X90, it must have turned out well for you?”

“It did… Racing combined with my reputation as a mechanic shot my digits up enough that I… Live an alright life now. I ain’t living in no ■■■■■■■… two billion ISK mansion with zero gravity pools or whatever… and I didn’t drive this X90 off the lot… I just bought a busted up chassis off my connect that I got the engine off of and restored it… This X90 doesn’t even have any of its original parts, I just cannibalized from other scrap heaps to get this running… I don’t race in this car, this one is just for pleasure.”

“Sounding more and more like a self-made man…. A humble one at that!”

“I guess… The racing is for me. Everything else I do for my family and those I care about… Without them I ain’t got ■■■■ really. Money is only temporarily yours around here, family is forever yours so long as you care for them.

“Hmm… Tell me about your brother? Do you have a vision for what you want for him?"

“■■■■, I was working on a college fund for him… With that Galdono no less. I was gonna get him into the university of Callie, but… He has different plans in mind.”

“Like what?”

“He… He wants to join the Navy… Like our old man.”

"… Him and your Dad close?’

“My brother damn near idolizes him… He uh… He… He still believes our Dad is alive out there… Somewhere.”

“Do you believe that too?”

“Honestly having to essentially become my dad, I didn’t think much of it… I more or less accepted he was dead and moved on… I don’t have it in me to convince my brother on that… We all need something to believe in, something that makes us wanna live to see tomorrow…If that’s what he believes in, and that’s what gives him hope to continue striving… I ain’t one to take it from him.”

“What do you believe in?”

“What do I believe in? Ain’t a religion I believe in or anything… I just believe in always striving and prospering.”

“Always striving and prospering?”

“Striving is about all I can do… No matter how hard or difficult life gets, I just keep moving on and in the end? Find prosperity…”

"… Rorin… What if I told you that now’s your chance to end the striving? All this you see around you. All this… You can escape. And take hold of that prosperity you’re searching for.”

“Let me guess… Taking you up on your offer to work for CreoDron.”

“I assure you, your talents can be put to use… More than ever now.”

“What you mean?”

“You watch the news at all?”

“Sometimes… When it’s playing on the street or a building I’m in.”

"Then you’re aware of the tensions right now with the Caldari State over the whole Intaki fiasco.’

“Well yeah… President was talking about it on every screen from here to the crystal boulevard.”

“Right… Now is the time that CreoDron pushes for new innovations. If a full scale war breaks out, it’s not going to be who has the most bodies that wins, but the one with the most efficient technology. The Federal government is our biggest customer and they’re going to be wanting new technology faster than we can produce it just so they can stay ahead of the Caldari… Old Man Darieux left a legacy none of us can hope to eclipse, but new heroes will be born from these coming years.”

“What? Making weapons to kill people with?”

“Not necessarily… CreoDron manufactures a wide range of products of varying needs… Weapons are just one piece of the pie. There is far more that needs to be built. You got what it takes.”

“Geez, I feel so lucky…”

“You should! This is a rare opportunity for someone in your economical state. I wouldn’t pass it up…”

"… Nah man. I’m good.”


“I’m taking you to the lockup, you’re gonna take the car and get the ■■■■ out my life, ight?”

“Rorin… I’m offering you an opportunity everyone here that everyone would jump at. An opportunity to uplift yourself from petty crime and poverty and do something meaningful with your life!”

"I already do something meaningful! I’m doing something on my terms and making money my way and supporting people that have done right by me!.. I don’t need Y’all to ‘uplift’ me… I already have people that do that for me.”

“… So it comes to this, that right?”

“Us going our separate ways? Absolutely. I apologize sincerely for messing with y’all’s tech, and It’s never going to hap-”

“-It doesn’t WORK this way Rorin… I’m going to give it to you straight as I patiently listened to your whole life story. You’re looking at a minimum of twenty years.”

“What the ■■■■?!”

“MINIMUM being the keyword there… Like I said, they didn’t go through the effort of sending me just to politely ask for our tech back, they sent me to offer you a way out of this situation.”

“This ain’t ■■■■■■■ cool man!”

“Being ‘Cool’ isn’t a priority with us… Its going to be a closed shut case the moment we press charges for tampering with patented CreoDron technology like the way you did. There is no story about your life that you can tell me or anyone that would let this pass like it never happened… There’s only two ways this can end… but only one way I can realistically see you going with.”


“You’re not going to do anything to me… You’re not going to beat me up, you’re not going to shoot me. And you’re not going to let pride put you in prison when you still have your mother and brother to look after… Unless you value your pride more and wanna stand in defiance… And I mean, Hey!That’s your right… But I don’t think you want to wait twenty years just to see your mother or brother again… Assuming your brother doesn’t end up dead like your-”

< Car brakes screeching as it pulls to the side of the road >
< Pedestrian kicking the front of the car >
< “■■■■ you asshole! I’m walking here!” >

“… Hit a nerve, did I?”


“We both know how this SHOULD end Rorin… We don’t need to make this any more difficult than it needs to be… It will be good for you! I promise… You’ll be able to work on great things that will bring prosperity not just to yourself… But all of us! That is CreoDron’s objective, that’s what it’s always been from Darieux and now down to you…”


“…How far away are we now? Been driving for awhile.”

“Just pass this intersection here and another right…”

“Excellent! I’d like to see this Galdono up close for myself! Admire the craftsmanship!”

“Whatever man…”


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