Total Briscit

This youtube video was just a joke Brisc.
Keep up the good work with The Metashow :grin:

P.S. Love the beard. Hugs T.S.


Huh I thought he was compelled to hide his RL identity.

Though I do agree with what he’s (Brisc) said and I believe the video commentator is jelly

(Editted for clarity)

He came out the front door with his IRL identity attached. Once it’s out on the internet, there’s no way to hide it ever again. And any attempts to hide it would be met with just more spotlighting.

Best thing is to own it.


Fair dos.

Just wierd he continued to evade it in a recent conversation.

Im not the sort to go looking anyway.

Still, maybe he should wear a neutrally coloured tie lol


LOL, this is idiotic and really ■■■■■■■ creepy.

My friendships are tied to my relationships with individuals - I know all these people by their real names, we’re all connected outside of EVE Online. Even if the Brisc character was banned, like had already happened, it didn’t impact my relationships with folks outside of the game.

Stuff in the game is stuff. I got the stuff that I got by paying for it just like anybody else.

My name is all over the place. I just don’t go out of my way to throw my real name around since folks tend to dislike that.


Hi I’m 14 and what’s this?


I’ve seen lemons less bitter than the video commentator.
Acting somewhat deranged doesn’t bolster an arguement; a clear, concise, and logical discussion does.
I was beginning to think he was going to accuse Brisc of stealing his strawberries at any moment. (ala The Caine Mutiny)


Not a fan, obviously, but this is just pathetic.


After his performance on Talking in Stations last night I suspect the OP is a Vily alt.

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“Make it jarring. Make it pathetic.”

I think you accomplished that already OP. This is creepy.


I’m only friends with Brisc Rubal because of his ingame assets and his e-persona.

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:red_circle: One can only hope that, should this war ever break out, every time Brisc shows itself on the field that he gets alpha’d back to KVN.

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If you actually played the game, you’d know this always happens. And it’s IGE.

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Nothing has changed my opinion of Brisc more than this.

+1 McCandless Points to Rubal

what the actual f888 did I just watch?

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I appreciate your willingness to discuss issues with people that don’t agree with you. I’m sorry strange people take things too far.

My hope is one day we can learn to communicate and exchange ideas with each other without being dragged down by apparent meth-driven madness.


Huh OP editted and claimed the vitriolic tirade was “just a joke”

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of course it was a joke. relax :blush:


Brisc is the only likeable person in the Imperium. They should kick off that Miami Vice extra he does the Meta Show with and bring on someone with charisma instead.

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