Wacky Wobbler Wibble Won at EVE

Tired of powerplays with PC nerds like Wacky Wobbler Wibble exploiting the TOS rules? Here are some things you can do to use the ISD overreach in your advantage and become a true forum warrior, which is part of EVE Online allowed gameplay and what “The Wizard” calls meta gameplay.

On the EVE Online forums there exists a Orwellian culture where big brother (ISDs become willing enforcers because of perception) is turning these communication platforms in ANYTHING BUT an environment where everyone is welcome and discussion flows freely.

How can this happen and how do you recognize it?
Well, in short it comes down to who watches the watchmen? Especially in the absence of CCP (skilled, payed and legitimized personnel) where the forum is now managed by corruptible volunteers which are your average anonymous fellow gamers that can never be made accountable for their actions. It becomes difficult when its easy to enforce the rules if all these “certain types of conduct” are subjective and vaguely defined and as such become easily weaponized by players like Wacky Wobbler Wibble.

So how do you fight it?
You don’t. Ever. Let me explain: Once you fall prey to these tactics you are rendered powerless because the powers that be will simply quell any dissent in this hostile environment where as I said before it becomes a matter of perception. If you are labelled a terrorist, pedophile, rapist etc. you no longer have any rights because you can not get rid of these labels easily and they are damning for your reputation which eventually will have you deplatformed if you don’t collapse under the weight of being prosecuted and attacked first which makes you leave the game (and its community) bitter, angered, burned out entirely. Once you have left you will probably never return because of this meta powerplay.

This whole process never gets escalated to CCP and they can not do anything to stop these now over-sensitized & bored (bitter) players in this toxic environment because the lie (everything is going perfect and everyone is happy with EVE and its community) runs layers deep and years back.

And you can’t fight it. Ever. I often compare the social dynamic with how “The Wizard” destroyed EVE because he made sure to control the perception of his corrupt empire. If you look closely he found a game dynamic he could exploit which is “the sandbox” itself (which is where CCP provides only sandbox game elements but have a hands off approach which is why EVE is truly dying). Don’t forget that “coalitions” are beyond CCPs control and are considered part of “The Meta”.

If you can’t beat them join them then? No. The problem lies with the perception of what you consider the opponent (this can be anyone or anything) and why the relation or situation is considered unbeatable, unwinnable or impossible. You probably forgot that this game is made to be enjoyable and adventurious but if you no longer feel this is the case then you are still stuck in limbo with a high skilled virtual character which represents a huge time & money investment. So if you have become part of this corrupt and stagnant game environment it becomes important to keep pretending that it is still anything but a boring dead empty wasteland of former glory with nothing to do then keep the lie intact. The lie that it is/was all worth it, that you have fought hard, that you marvel in what you have become and that you still are young and powerful but in reality you are irrelevant, old, fat and corrupt.

The solution is very simple:
You first manifest (make visible) the ball on chain dynamic. Example:

  • I am lying to myself that I am having fun in this old, boring game and that anything I am and have in this game is important and matters. Let me commit suicide to have that problem solved -

Once you now see the lie you also know instantly what is slowly corrupting you and why: If I am NOT this rich & powerful leader, a warrior, a hero but a slave with no abilities, no strength, no face, no will of my own then who or what is enslaving me? The answer will not surprise anyone: it was you yourself.
So in EVE you can truly commit suicide in a safe and not lethal way: you detach yourself from your corrupted character because the character (Brisc Rubal as an example) is what allows you and those around you to keep the lie functional that indeed the emperor has no clothes (ig. The Wizard). If you don’t understand what the saying means: the emperor has no control over your mind (the perception of things) so when you decide yourself that you are free (in the mind) then you will see how powerful and amazing you can truly be (loose some weight Brian first, you fat slob).

Leave the alliance/corp and sell the character and you are no longer a slave. Start again as an alpha and stay alpha and you will never get corrupted by The Wizard again because he has no power over alpha clones because they don’t have to pay to play, dear Brisc :grin:

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