How to use Brisc Rubals™ Special Civilian Guns Trick

Wacky Wobbler Wibble Won at EVE


Brisc: Okay guys, Let’s get this over with. We need to get this bounty down so go for it boys. Let me have it! This is gonna be epic. So cool to be me!

Brisc: Sigh, well that was ■■■■. Now my capsule. Do it guys, shoot The honorable Brisc Rubal! Hahaha, this is the most fun I’ve had in months!

Brisc: Good work, especially you Lucian Kaltz, you did good in your Slasher! I can see that Test is still worthy and relevant. Simply fabulous really. Very well done all of you. I am satisfied.

Wait, that bounty payout is linked up with me losing expensive stuff, is it?

Lucian: Yeah, your Honor. The bounty payout is a couple of mil only. We will be shooting instapop hurricanes forever.

Brisc: Hmmm, what a conundrum. It kinda starts getting on my nerve that this bounty kinda makes me more attractive to shoot at.

RedShadowKing: Everybody knows you, Brisc. Because of the show and all…

Brisc: I guess that’s fine. I sure hope the bounty will not be going up though. Might be bad for my reputation. You guys think it’s gonna be okay?

Lucian: Yeah no sweat, your Honor…

Can you still do this?

Wacky Wobbler Wibble Won at EVE

Civilian modules do not work again non training npcs.

They do but the damage is a joke. Also its more fun to use the civilian missile launcher as it does not require a hardpoint. Ever see an orca shooting missiles?

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When did they change that?

They have always worked against anything regulars weapons work on.

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Sec i need to look into that. Cause the last tutorial stated they would not work on players, the warp disrputors etc

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Oh i see, so this forum post is another personal attack on Brisc, okay got it

Wacky Wobbler Wibble Won at EVE

Well as i said before

  1. You are quite abusive
  2. You make pointless forum posts to “seek attention”
  3. You made a YouTube channel and used “pornographic images” to attract views (which failed)
  4. You made a corporation in-game and your url is a “patreon” link.
  5. This is the 3rd post, personally attacking Brisc for no reason.

In short, you are a vile, toxic little man and calling me a “kid” is not offensive, it is just childish.

You clearly have some issues, i suggest you get them sorted out, as sumone who has been in dark places with MH issues, I strongly advise you to seek help

Wacky Wobbler Wibble Won at EVE


If you say so bud, if it helps you get through the day you carry on :slight_smile:

Just know that Eve Online can be your safe space :slight_smile: Channel called “remote-reps” I think it is, go pay them a visit :slight_smile:

Best of luck in your life, but get some help mate

Wacky Wobbler Wibble Won at EVE

If it makes you happy and keeps your emotions sorted, you go go :slight_smile: Happy For you :slight_smile:

Another of your posts reported bud, you really need to relax mate :slight_smile:

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