Brisc is a great guy

Yeah, really.

He doesn’t take piss from anyone, including myself, and he’ll piss on anyone that pisses him off. Still, he’ll apologize afterwards if he respects you and is generally a cozy nice guy teddybear.

He’s working his ass off for assholes like myself, who in no way or form express themselves in a way that makes them deserve it. Sometimes he’s stressed and it’s clearly noticable, which makes him respond rather blind, but he’s capable of not only realizing himself, but also capable of apologizing for certain behaviour.

Hell, he’s pretty much the worst in a single package. Lawyer, lobbyist and politician, yet he’s the only one I’d actually trust not to ■■■■ me sideways just to get my ■■■■■■■ vote.

He’s, by all means, an asshole like the rest of us, but unlike many, he’s an asshole for the people, including my anarchist, constantly complaining self.

■■■■ you, Brisc, i’m voting for you next time.


Blink twice if he’s holding you’re family hostage.




If only you could.

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Again, this seems personal @Nicolai_Serkanner, give the guy a break now. he has been involved in Eve for 12 years or so and that’s an achievement.

A fellow Eve player has been banned, it seems he was well liked and even if he did do what they say lets just leave it as people do very silly things and make bad mistakes.

I’m going to give Brisc a salute for being enthusiastic about Eve and putting the work in.

Brisc, Thanks for your work in Eve, although I did not know you I have read many tales of your works, you helped create content and seem like a cool dude. Thanks for being part of Eve.


This is true. Not many people are in the Hall of Shame with t20.

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Are you daft? Playing a game for 12 years is not an “achievement”, at best it is almost a complete waste of time.

The guy is alying, double crossing, cheating son of a bitch and I am glad he got caught being a lying, double crossing, cheating son of a bitch. They should hang the bastard, and that is me being kind.

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