You're Dead Fool is recruiting!


(Jezzabel Cadelanne) #21

still taking applications stop by our in game chat or join our discord server if you have more questions :slight_smile:

(Gralek Mena) #22

Got some great new bros and some old friends joining stop by our discord or in game channel to join up!

(Jezzabel Cadelanne) #23

It was a fun filled weekend. Applications are still open stop by and see us today!

(Gralek Mena) #24

Livin in SOV null making our mark on things come join us today!

(Jezzabel Cadelanne) #25

come and see us today :wink:

(Jezzabel Cadelanne) #26

Still taking applications :slight_smile:

(Jezzabel Cadelanne) #27

Stop by our in game channel or join our discord and see what its all about :wink:

(Jezzabel Cadelanne) #28

still taking applications

(Jezzabel Cadelanne) #29

Living in 0.0 and taking applications

(Jezzabel Cadelanne) #30

Join us in our in game chat or in our discord for more details of the fun :slight_smile:

(Jezzabel Cadelanne) #31

Its saturday nd the fun is underway. Don’t forget to stop by and talk to a recruiter :slight_smile:

(Jezzabel Cadelanne) #32

Recruiting is still open

(Jezzabel Cadelanne) #33

Recruiting is open, get ready for the fun :slight_smile:

(Jezzabel Cadelanne) #34

Saturday shenanigans going on. Stop by and talk to us about what our corp offers. Recruiting is still open :slight_smile:

(Jezzabel Cadelanne) #35

recruiting is still open :slight_smile:

(Jezzabel Cadelanne) #36

Thanks to everyone for the great applications. We are busy creating content at this moment :slight_smile:

(Jezzabel Cadelanne) #37

Funtimes happening. Recruiting is open

(Jezzabel Cadelanne) #38

Still accepting applications

(Jezzabel Cadelanne) #39

Still accepting applications!

(Jezzabel Cadelanne) #40

Recruiting is open