Zanrfell are back!


Zarnfell was a very active Corporation back in the days of Ark Alliance. Serving out in Provi, we gained invaluable experience and knowledge. After the fall of Ark, Zarnfell unfortunately also became a casualty, disappearing into the shadows - a speck of its former self.

Well, after many years in the dark, we are back!

We are seeking new pilots to help us build Zarnfell back to its former glory. We primarily conduct PvE, PvP and industry. We are a member of The Rogue Consortium (TRC) Alliance, and new members will be expected to assist in the defence of Alliance systems. Apart from that, we are pretty laid back in regards to what role you want to follow, whether it be industry, exploration, PvE, PvP, etc.

New players, returning players or existing players - your skill level is irrelevant. We can help you skill up and get experience within the game. Some of our players have been playing since the early days of Eve and have over 10 years in the gameā€¦

We are currently located in HiSec/LoSec in Amarr space (Domain). We also do regular runs into Null for anyone wanting that, typically in Alliance fleet actions.

If you are looking for something new, or just a new home in general, we would love to hear from you!