Zebra Corp is recruiting - Null Sec PVP

Zebra Corp is a very experienced 0.0 corporation, with a strong focus on PvP. We are a member of Goonswarm Federation.

What we are looking for:

  • Active pilots who want to PvP, or learn how to PvP
  • Pilots who are relaxed and can take a joke
  • Killboard that shows regular PVP activity


  • We expect you to cooperate with other members of the corp and alliance
  • We generally like pilots to have 15 million combat related skill points, though exceptions can be made
  • You must be willing to get on comms and shoot the sh!t with the rest of the corp

About us / What we offer:

  • We are motivated and regularly remove inactive pilots from the corp - you won’t be surrounded by deadbeats
  • We have people experienced in all areas of EVE
  • We have members willing to help get you rolling in PvP and most other areas of Eve
  • There are daily fleet operations at corp, alliance and coalition level – from small roams to epic multiple fleet battles
  • We run Black Ops, Frigate roams, roams with all kinds of Cruisers and Battleships, up to Carrier and Super Cap Fleets
  • We live close to a well-supplied trade hub
  • There are plenty of ISK making opportunities to fund your PVP - outside of fleets, your time is your own

Other Stuff

  • No joining fees or security deposits are required
  • We will not offer to move your stuff to 0.0
  • You do not need a vouch

If you are interested please join our ZC Pub chat channel in game

Recruitment remains open. If you’re looking to make a move or want to try 0.0 drop into our in game channel ZC Pub.

Still here doing our thing. Ingame channel ZC Pub

Our doors are open for new recruits from all types of gameplay. So long as you’re willing to learn to undock and blow up space nerds in every imaginable way from solo to the coalition level.

Good Corp :slight_smile:


Come on by and have a chat with us!

Join our in game channel, ZC Pub, to have a chat.

Active Corp who want’s more people to expand our community.

Do u do fleet combat

Recruitment is open, join us on zcpub ingame channel and have a chat with us.

Join our public channel, ZC Pub, to hang out and have a chat with us!

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