0.0 Corp looking to grow! PvE / PvP - Newbro friendly (EU/US)

Hi there

Umbr3lla Corporation. are currently looking to grow strong and fast, so we are looking for new blood :stuck_out_tongue: We are a tiny corp with BIG dreams! Wanna help us make them come true?

Do you like dank isk? Living in your “own” space in 0.0? Are you friendly and mature? PvP ain´t a bad thing for you?

If you can nod to just some of these, well here is what we offer:

*Loads of PvE content with good 0.0 access (true sec)

*Make between 15-70m isk/hour or more if you are a serious ratter

*PvP if you are bored from PvE :slight_smile:

*Skillplan help and guides to making isk

*Weekly PvE fleets/boosts (mining)

*Newbro Friendly (we are currently putting together an SRP for VNI)

*Having a laugh and fly among Newbros

*Friendly and social Alliance

Did we catch your attention? Then get a hold of Krytan Reborn ingame :slight_smile:

Umbr3lla Corporation.
Our business is life itself

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to the top :smiley:

wubba lubba dub dub (bump)


To the top, dont be shy ppl, we still need members

We need moar ppl :smiley:

Hey you… Yeah you! Convo me already, so we can get you into the corp :smiley:

Bumpy… Amazing adventures and bucket loads of iskies await :smiley:

Anyone out there looking for adventures in Null Sec?? Hit me up ingame, become part of a growing alliance :smiley:

bumpy… we are still looking for more members :smiley:

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